Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Navy Blue

For some reason, I always like tops that are navy blue (can't remember how many navy-blue T-shirt I've own). The combination of navy-blue and white is even more appealing, almost irresistable to me. So I when saw this printed cami top for baby girls at Old Navy, I just had to get it for my 2-year old daughter. I don't usually think navy-blue is pretty enough for toddlers, but this one is an exception. The flower motifs at the bottom gradually change color from solid to outlines (almost sketch-like, arty and delicate). Two horizontal navy bands create a nice contrast to the white color below. Details like stripes and pleating make this summer top so pretty for little girls. I just can't wait to see how it looks on my daughter.

Another navy-and-white look I'm loving so much is this chemise from Vera Wang's Simply Vera collection. (Like every fashion conscious woman on this planet, I just love, love, love Vera Wang's design.) Only she could make a nightgown so artistic looking yet still feminine and sexy. The abstract brushstroke pattern reminds me of the kind of expressive paintings I did in college, edgy and expressive. Yet the color choice as well as the pretty details like pleating and bow make this simple cotton chemise very bit of sexy and sophisticated as a silk nightgown.

无独有偶,VERA WANG的这件裙子同样也是海军蓝和白色完美搭配(就象所有的时尚迷一样,我鈡爱VERA WANG)只有她才能把这件裙子设计的如此艺术感又不失性感,裙子上的抽象图案让我想起在大学时创意絵画課里的作品,颜色的选择还有那些底部和边的细节使这条棉质裙子就象真丝的晚装。

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