Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fubulous Jewellery by Archibald Knox

These are perhaps the most fabulous antique jewellery I've seen. They were designed by Archibald Knox, (British, 1864-1933), one of the most fluid and creative of the Arts & Crafts designers.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simply Gold

I love this pleated gold skirt by Catherine Holstein. Thanks in part to famous friends such as Mary Kate Olsen and Proenza Schouler, she has definitely made her mark in the fashion scene. How amazing is this eye-poping golden color! The fact that the fabric has a distressed finish makes it so much cooler!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still Life Bowl

How clever! A bowl of apples instantly becomes a still life, framed liked a photogragh or painting. Another proof that everything in life can be art. It's all how you look at it.

Designer: Barnaby Barford & Andre Klauser
Materials: ceramic, wood
Price: $79.00

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bubble Chandeliers

I'm not in the market for chandeliers, but these glass bubble chandeliers are so luscious and unique that I have to include them among the list of things that I crave but will probably never be able to afford. :-)

About the Bubble Chandeliers:
They are made to order by artisans in Europe. The glass balls are hand blown to produce subtle glow and cast fabulous shadows.

Berry Bubble Chandelier $1,990
Opal Bubble Chandelier $1,990
Sand Bubble Chandelier $6,625


Sunday, September 21, 2008

The $6 Coat

He's not a model. This is not a designer coat he's wearing. But he looks like a model that "just stepped off the Prada runway". Maybe it's his look, maybe it's his attitude, or maybe it's the greenish color that seems to be very on trend. The shocking fact is that he is a just a regular guy on the Stockholm street, wearing a used-to-be labcoat that he paid $6 for.
What can I say... I guess fashion is not always about designer labels and pricey items.


Charles Wilkin's Collage Bag

I remember as art majors in college, we were asked to do quite a lot of collages in different media. For many of us, collage is the best kind of project to have, because it really allows total freedom for creativity and imagination.
It's probably why I was so attracted to this Blue Q Shopping Bag the minute I laid eyes on it. It is designed by Charles Wilkin, the founder and Design Director of Automatic Art and Design in Brooklyn, NY. He is known for his dynamic signature collage work. Here are some of his latest creations.

About the Blue Q Shopping Bag:
Made of woven polypropylene. 15.75"w x 15.35"h x 5.9"d. It also has an inner pocket for extra storage.

Price: $10.00

这也是为什么我一看见Blue Q的购物袋就立刻被吸引了。它的设计者是Charles Wilkin,纽约布鲁克林的Automatic Art and Design的创始者及设计总监。他因拼贴作品而闻名,这里有一些他最新的设计。

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cool Chairs

I'm not sure how comfortable you will be in these chairs, but they sure look cool!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mushroom Soaps in Nest

I know, I know, I'm a little obsessed with mushrooms lately (see my other post about mushroom from early this month). But these mushroom hand soaps are just too adorable to pass by. The cutest thing is that they come in their own little nest. Place them in your guest bathroom, and picture how much your friends will enjoy their mushroom hand-wash...:-)

Price: $14.00 (nest included)


"Hug" Salt & Pepper Shaker

I just love this salt & pepper shaker designed by Scott Henderson. The name couldn't be more appropriate - "Hug". It speaks of the inseparable nature of salt and pepper. Here, they're hugging like brothers - salt in white, pepper in black. How smart!

Product Specs:
2 3/4" x 2" x 3"

Price: $29.00

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's With the Jeans?

Just spotted this look from the famous The Sartorialist. I usually love the looks he posted on the site, but this one stunned me a little. Is this how rich people(in this case, men) are dressing themselves nowadays? Am I currently out of the trend?
I love the jacket, love the pink shirt, love the velvet skull slipper (velvet is in, this I know), even like the hair-do, and the bag he's carrying (a little feminine though). It was supposed to be a very refined look. But the jeans??? They are totally out of place here. There is a difference between mix & match and mismatch. The jeans are just too "...outrageously worn", "...too Abercrombie and Fitch..."

I believe, often times the key to fashion is not to try too hard (like the lady in black & white I posted last week). This gentleman here is simply trying too hard.

我喜欢他的外套,喜欢他的粉红色衬衫,喜欢他的天鹅绒便鞋(天鹅绒是流行的,这我知道),我还喜欢他的发型和他的包包(尽管有点女性化)。这原本应该是一个优雅的造型。但是没搞错吧,牛仔裤???它完全不应该属于这里。混搭和乱搭是不一样的。牛仔裤简直太旧了,太Abercrombie and Fitch了。

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little People on Big Streets II

More "Little People " scenes (from the top):
  • "Life As We Know It"
  • "They're not pets, Susan."
  • "Starbucks scene" for the Nuart Show

Monday, September 15, 2008

Little People on Big Streets I

When the size of an object is manipulated to an extreme, we respond to it much more quickly. I guess It's human nature to be interested in things that are out of ordinary. So you can imagine how amazed I was when I came across this site called "Little People--A tiny street art project". It's created by the 27-year-old British street artist, a former design student, Slinkachu. For the last 12 month, he has been placing tiny figurines across London streets, photograghing them, and leaving them for passersby to find. With these "little peole", Slinkachu created a miniature world filled with numerous urban scenes/stories -- some seem to come straight out of our everyday life ("cash machine", "Bad Road", "Quiet Sunday"); some are a bit more dramatic ("20 Inches Under The Sea"); some are like science fiction ("Life As We Know It"); some are a little sarcastic ("Maybe This Time", "Mismatch"); some are simply fun and witty ("They're not pets, Susan", "Rush Hour").

No matter what the story is, it sure reminds us how trivial we often feel in the chaotic streets of a big city...

"Little People" Scenes (from the top):

  • Cash Machine
  • Bad Road
  • 20 Inches Under The Sea
  • Rush Hour
  • Maybe This Time

当一个物体的大小变的非同一般时,我们总是会首先发现。我想人的天性就是对超乎寻常的东西感兴趣。所以你能想象当我看到这个名叫“小人国——一个微型街头艺术作品”的网页时那惊喜的心情。这是一个名叫Slinkachu 27岁的英国街头艺术家的作品,他是学设计出身。在过去的一年时间内,他把这些小人放在伦敦街头,拍了很多照片,还把他们故意留在那儿等着路过的人去发现。利用这些小人,Slinkachu 创造了一个充满城市场景和故事的迷你世界,其中的一些场景就象直接来源我们的现实世界(比如“提款机”“糟糕的马路”“宁静的星期天”),有一些则带点梦幻色彩(如海底20英寸),有的就象科幻小说(我们了解的生活),有的具有讽刺意味(“可能就是这次”“不相配”),还有的仅仅为了好玩和搞笑(“他们不是宠物,SUSAN”“高峰时间”)。

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Napbook" for Your Notebook

I've seen many nicely-designed laptop bags/cases, but this one is by far the most creative, I have to say. It is properly named "Napbook" because it also happens to be a comfortable cushion that you can take nap on. Hafsteinn Juliusson, a product designer in Iceland, came up with this idea to make the standard notebook bag extra thick and fluffy, so that it can be used as a pillow too. What an unique idea that makes perfect sense too! Who doesn't what a comfy nap on a fluffy pillow while working late at the office? I know what you want to say: "why haven't I thought about it?"
The extra thickness of the bag also helps protect your laptop.

我看过很多个设计精美的笔记本电脑包,但是不得不承认这是我见过的最有创意的电脑包。这个包的名字就叫“午睡笔记本”,顾名思义它的样子就象一个靠垫,你正好可以趴在上面睡个午觉。这个名叫Hafsteinn Juliusson的冰岛设计师,把标准的笔记本电脑包设计得又厚又胖,这样它还能用来做枕头。这真是一个绝妙的点子,在办公室努力工作白领们谁不想抱个厚枕头忙里偷闲的睡一会呢?我知道你们肯定会说“我怎么就没想到呢?”最后说一句,加厚的包包可以更好的保护你的笔记本哦!