Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's With the Jeans?

Just spotted this look from the famous The Sartorialist. I usually love the looks he posted on the site, but this one stunned me a little. Is this how rich people(in this case, men) are dressing themselves nowadays? Am I currently out of the trend?
I love the jacket, love the pink shirt, love the velvet skull slipper (velvet is in, this I know), even like the hair-do, and the bag he's carrying (a little feminine though). It was supposed to be a very refined look. But the jeans??? They are totally out of place here. There is a difference between mix & match and mismatch. The jeans are just too "...outrageously worn", "...too Abercrombie and Fitch..."

I believe, often times the key to fashion is not to try too hard (like the lady in black & white I posted last week). This gentleman here is simply trying too hard.

我喜欢他的外套,喜欢他的粉红色衬衫,喜欢他的天鹅绒便鞋(天鹅绒是流行的,这我知道),我还喜欢他的发型和他的包包(尽管有点女性化)。这原本应该是一个优雅的造型。但是没搞错吧,牛仔裤???它完全不应该属于这里。混搭和乱搭是不一样的。牛仔裤简直太旧了,太Abercrombie and Fitch了。

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