Monday, September 15, 2008

Little People on Big Streets I

When the size of an object is manipulated to an extreme, we respond to it much more quickly. I guess It's human nature to be interested in things that are out of ordinary. So you can imagine how amazed I was when I came across this site called "Little People--A tiny street art project". It's created by the 27-year-old British street artist, a former design student, Slinkachu. For the last 12 month, he has been placing tiny figurines across London streets, photograghing them, and leaving them for passersby to find. With these "little peole", Slinkachu created a miniature world filled with numerous urban scenes/stories -- some seem to come straight out of our everyday life ("cash machine", "Bad Road", "Quiet Sunday"); some are a bit more dramatic ("20 Inches Under The Sea"); some are like science fiction ("Life As We Know It"); some are a little sarcastic ("Maybe This Time", "Mismatch"); some are simply fun and witty ("They're not pets, Susan", "Rush Hour").

No matter what the story is, it sure reminds us how trivial we often feel in the chaotic streets of a big city...

"Little People" Scenes (from the top):

  • Cash Machine
  • Bad Road
  • 20 Inches Under The Sea
  • Rush Hour
  • Maybe This Time

当一个物体的大小变的非同一般时,我们总是会首先发现。我想人的天性就是对超乎寻常的东西感兴趣。所以你能想象当我看到这个名叫“小人国——一个微型街头艺术作品”的网页时那惊喜的心情。这是一个名叫Slinkachu 27岁的英国街头艺术家的作品,他是学设计出身。在过去的一年时间内,他把这些小人放在伦敦街头,拍了很多照片,还把他们故意留在那儿等着路过的人去发现。利用这些小人,Slinkachu 创造了一个充满城市场景和故事的迷你世界,其中的一些场景就象直接来源我们的现实世界(比如“提款机”“糟糕的马路”“宁静的星期天”),有一些则带点梦幻色彩(如海底20英寸),有的就象科幻小说(我们了解的生活),有的具有讽刺意味(“可能就是这次”“不相配”),还有的仅仅为了好玩和搞笑(“他们不是宠物,SUSAN”“高峰时间”)。

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