Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Automoblox Cars

When it comes to toys, we tend to think that girls want dolls and boys want cars. (I wonder, is it by nature that boys and girls want different things, or are we simply raising our kids to choose gender specific toys? Well, it's a question that obviously needs further discussion.) But I can assure you that both your girl and boy will be hooked when they see these adoooooorable toy cars, because I am hooked. They are just too cute to resist. I'll definitely get one for my almost 3-year old daughter who seems to be more and more into motor vehicles lately; another one for my husband who almost thought these are some kind of concept cars for the future.

These toy cars are called "Automoblox Cars", designed by Patrick Calello in 2006. There are 6 models, along with 6 cool colors to choose from:
Red C9 sports car
Blue S9 sedan
Green T9 pick-up
Orange A9 compact
Aqua M9 sportsvan
Purple X9 sport utility
Each vehicle has a wooden body made of solid maple, rubber tires, and small plastic figures. The fun part is these cars are made with interlocking components that can be taken apart and rebuilt into various configurations. Parts from one can be switched with another. So, if you get 2 or more models, you will begin to see how much fun it is mixing things up. What a great way to spur a child's imagination!

Price: $39.00

这些玩具车名叫"Automoblox Cars",是Patrick Calello在2006年设计的,有六种不同颜色及款式:红色的C9运动车,兰色的S9轿车,绿色的T9匹卡,橙色的A9COMPACT,水色的M9运动面包车,紫色的X9运动UTILITY。

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