Friday, September 12, 2008

"Napbook" for Your Notebook

I've seen many nicely-designed laptop bags/cases, but this one is by far the most creative, I have to say. It is properly named "Napbook" because it also happens to be a comfortable cushion that you can take nap on. Hafsteinn Juliusson, a product designer in Iceland, came up with this idea to make the standard notebook bag extra thick and fluffy, so that it can be used as a pillow too. What an unique idea that makes perfect sense too! Who doesn't what a comfy nap on a fluffy pillow while working late at the office? I know what you want to say: "why haven't I thought about it?"
The extra thickness of the bag also helps protect your laptop.

我看过很多个设计精美的笔记本电脑包,但是不得不承认这是我见过的最有创意的电脑包。这个包的名字就叫“午睡笔记本”,顾名思义它的样子就象一个靠垫,你正好可以趴在上面睡个午觉。这个名叫Hafsteinn Juliusson的冰岛设计师,把标准的笔记本电脑包设计得又厚又胖,这样它还能用来做枕头。这真是一个绝妙的点子,在办公室努力工作白领们谁不想抱个厚枕头忙里偷闲的睡一会呢?我知道你们肯定会说“我怎么就没想到呢?”最后说一句,加厚的包包可以更好的保护你的笔记本哦!

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