Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hurricane Katrina Frames

At first glance, these wood frames seemed so rugged, even a little disturbing. But the more I looked at them, the more beautiful they are. Each frame is a piece of art in itself. You won't believe where the wood came from. They are salvaged wood from buildings and homes that were destroyed in Hurricane katrina. SecondLineFrames store made these stunning frames to donate a portion of each sale to the effort of rebuilding the damaged neighborhoods.

第一眼看到这些相框,觉的它们是如此斑驳,甚至有点让人感觉不舒服。但是多看几眼之后,发现他们竟然越看越漂亮,每一件相框都象一件艺术品。你不会想到这木头居然是从被katrina飓风毁坏的房子上取下来的。SecondLine 相框店做了这些很有意义的相框用来义卖以帮助那些受灾的人们重建家园。

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