Sunday, September 21, 2008

Charles Wilkin's Collage Bag

I remember as art majors in college, we were asked to do quite a lot of collages in different media. For many of us, collage is the best kind of project to have, because it really allows total freedom for creativity and imagination.
It's probably why I was so attracted to this Blue Q Shopping Bag the minute I laid eyes on it. It is designed by Charles Wilkin, the founder and Design Director of Automatic Art and Design in Brooklyn, NY. He is known for his dynamic signature collage work. Here are some of his latest creations.

About the Blue Q Shopping Bag:
Made of woven polypropylene. 15.75"w x 15.35"h x 5.9"d. It also has an inner pocket for extra storage.

Price: $10.00

这也是为什么我一看见Blue Q的购物袋就立刻被吸引了。它的设计者是Charles Wilkin,纽约布鲁克林的Automatic Art and Design的创始者及设计总监。他因拼贴作品而闻名,这里有一些他最新的设计。

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