Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bags from SWIGG

When the street is overly crowded with coach, LV, and fendi bags, I'm desperately searching for something different, something that speaks of my taste and personality but won't hurt my wallet.I found these bags from SWIGG. They are called "ridge pack". I guess it's because the surface of the bag is embossed to resemble thick corduroy. They are not at all luxurious, but clean and simple, practical yet still good-looking -- all the qualities I look for in an everyday bag.They come in three color combinations: brown with blue straps, charcoal with yellow straps, and gray with red straps -- all very cute and modern-looking. There is no unnecessary embelishment (which I often see on some pricy bags and find very annoying). But the color straps add the perfect amount of femininity. They are big enough (16" x 11" with 5 interior pockets as well as a zipper top) to hold my daily goodies, and casual enough to take it anywhere--stores, gym, beach... without worrying about getting them dirty or scratched.
And, these Swigg bags are made with an eco-friendly recycled fiber which is held together by recycled resin. What can be more trendy than carrying a "green" bag these days?

About SWIGG:
SWIGG is founded by stephanie wenzel, a graphic artist living and working in brooklyn, NY. SWIGG™ Products creates ‘tactile goods for human enjoyment’ . SWIGG™ studio is a multi-disciplined design firm.
The aim of SWIGG™ products is to incorporate as many eco-friendly elements into its hand-made products as possible.

当满大街的人都背着COACH,LV,FENDI这些名牌包包,我却喜欢找一些与众不同的东西,既能显出我的个性与品位,又不会让我的钱包大大缩水。这些包包是我从SWIGG找到的,有个奇怪的名字叫作“山脉包包”,我猜这大概是因为包包的表面有条状的隆起就象厚灯心绒的感觉。它们不是那么的奢华,但是却简洁、实用、漂亮,满足了我日常使用的所有要求。它们一共有三种颜色:棕色包体配兰色背带,巧克力色包体配黄色背带,灰色包体配红色背带。每种颜色都很好看而且时髦。还有,不象那些豪华包包表面有很多花哨的装饰,这款包包简洁的没有任何一样多余的配饰,光是背带的颜色就具备了足够的装饰性和美感。同时,包包还足够大(6寸X 11寸大小,里面有5个小口袋,顶上有拉练),放的下我的所有日常用品,它的样子也够休闲够百搭,购物,健身,海滩,都可以背去,一点都不用担心被弄脏或者刮坏。最后一点,这款包包都是用可循环材料做的哦,够符合环保这个大潮流了吧!

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