Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gift Bags from Caroline Gardner

I'm a sucker for beautiful gift bags. These contemporary bags from Caroline Gardner are so pretty, and fun, and sophisticated that I think I'll be thrilled to have them even without the gifts inside.

About the bags:
These fabulous gift bags are printed on very thick paper with a matt coating. Each has a comfortable plastic handle and handy attached gift tag.

About the designer:
Caroline Gardner is one of the most respected independent greeting card and stationery designers in the United Kingdom. Caroline, who trained and initially worked as a painter, started designing cards fifteen years ago after receiving a commission from a Tokyo based art gallery. The cards were an instant success and The Company was formed shortly afterwards.

我是一个精美礼品袋的爱好者。这些来自于Caroline Gardner 的 袋子是那么漂亮,有趣,时髦,就算只能得到一个空袋子我都会激动不已的。关于这些袋子:这些美妙的礼品袋是印在很厚的带有一层亚光表面的纸上,每个袋子都有一个舒适的塑料把手和附属的礼品标签。关于设计师:Caroline Gardner是英国最受尊敬的独立贺卡和文具设计师之一。Caroline 最初是学画画的,十五年前在接受了一个东京艺术画廊的委任后开始设计贺卡。这些卡非常成功,她随后就成立了公司。

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