Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fashion Photography by Phillip Toledano

I'm totally blown away by these amazing pictures by Phillip Toledano. They are very conceptual, and truly mind-blowing. Once again, we learned that visual art is to create moments of beauty while provoking feelings and thoughts.

Love the balloons... I also like the one with the little puppy. (The fact that the scared puppy had a little accident was a surprising touch, I thought. )

To see more photographs by Phillip Toledano
我完全被Phillip Toledano的这些照片所震撼了。它们绝对前卫,另人兴奋。又一次,我们领略到了视觉艺术就是创造美的一瞬间,而这种美激发了我们的思想和感情。

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