Monday, November 10, 2008

French Umbrellas from Alexandra Sojfer

It rarely rains in LA, but the city I grew up in China has a lot of rain all year long. So it's no surprise that I always love umbrellas, especially the hand-made ones. (My hometown is famous for its hand-made umbrellas.)

The other day I saw these beautiful French umbrellas and parasols from Alexandra Sojfer. All their products are hand-crafted in Paris, using one-of-a-kind secret techniques developed since 1834. The men's umbrellas are very classic, yet handsome and practical. Women's parasols are simply gorgeous, some embellished with laces, Swarovski crystals, mink, or silk flowers. My absolute favorite one is the pagoda-shaped umbrella adorned with 150 Swarovski crystals, hand-sewn one by one all over the fabric like sparkling raindrops.

有一天我看到了这些美丽的法国Alexandra Sojfer.的雨伞和遮阳伞。他们所有的产品都是在巴黎手工制作,采用一种从1834年就有流传至今的独门技术。男用伞非常经典,好看而实用。女用的遮阳伞非常华丽,有些装饰了蕾丝,Swarovski水晶,貂皮,或者绢花。我最最喜欢的就是那把宝塔形的镶有150颗Swarovski水晶的伞,每一颗水晶都是用手工缝上去的排列成闪亮的雨滴形状。

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