Saturday, November 1, 2008

Soft Bathtub by Dutch designer Maren Hartveld

After a hard day at work, who wouldn't want to sink into the tub and indulge in a warm bubble bath? But instead of a cold, hard bathtub that we use everyday, it could be a soft one like a sofa. Dutch designer Maren Hartveld presented a very unique bathtub at the Design Academy Eindhoven graduate show in the Netherlands earlier this month. It is A free-standing bathtub made from polyurethene coated foam rubber, so it's very soft and warm, comfortable like a sofa.

累死累活工作了一天后,谁不愿意沉入浴缸好好享受一个温暖的泡泡浴?除去我们每天用的又冷又硬的浴缸,我们还能有一个象沙发那么软的浴缸。这个月初在荷兰举行的Design Academy Eindhoven的毕业展览上面荷兰设计师Maren Hartveld展示了这个非常独特的浴缸。这个自由站立的浴缸由polyurethene作成,外面包着一层泡沫橡胶,所以它又软又温暖又舒服,就象一个沙发。

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