Monday, November 10, 2008

White House Interior Decor History

Which ones do you think are the better design solutions?

Before the recent presidential election, I never thought I'd be interested in learning about the White House. Now, since the newest first family is about to move in, strangely enough, I find myself quite curious about the how the inside of the white house looks like. This post at design crisis gives a room-by-room overview of the white house decor history. It is a very informative and interesting post with pictures of some most famous rooms in the white house. I was quite amazed by the contrasts of beautiful designs vs. disastrous decor solutions. I'm no expert on interior design, but as a graphic designer I know often times, less is more.
Click here to read the post about the white house decor history and see the pictures of overly-done draperies.
在这次总统大选之前,我从没想过我会对白宫有兴趣.然而,自从新的第一家庭产生后,很奇怪,我居然很好奇白宫里面是什么样的.这张在design crisis上 的照片从一个个房间展示了白宫的装修史.这真是一组非常有意思的照片,展现了白宫最著名的房间.而我更感兴趣的是漂亮装修和恐怖装修之间的对比,我不是一个室内装潢的行家,但是作为一个平面设计师,我知道很多时间,越简洁越美.

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